Doggie Days 
Natural Nutrition for Dogs & Cats!

At Doggie Days, we believe our pets are family.  That's why pet nutrition is our priority.  We only carry products that we believe in; products that we feel are safe, natural and healthy.   If we wouldn't feed it to our own pets, you won't find it here.  

We offer a wide range of pet foods so there is something healthy to fit everyone's budget.  You may have more options than you realize!

So whether you have an allergy-prone dog, a new puppy, or you just want to feed them the best food on the market - we're here for you!  Come in and ask an employee which diet is right for your pet. See how easy it is to help your pet achieve optimum health naturally!!
Did you know that most dog allergies are related to their diets? 

 While some dogs may be allergic to certain proteins (the most common is chicken), most dogs are reacting to the corn, wheat, or soy in a food.  Check your Dog Food ingredient list on the back of the bag - if you see corn, wheat, soy, or any versions of these in the first 5 ingredients - it's a huge no-no for dogs with allergies or GI upset! Dogs don't have the enzyme necessary to break these foods down and use them appropriately. 

If you have dog that has chronic ear infections, it's usually due to yeast/fungus and you'll have to resort to a completely grain-free diet- which means no rice, corn, potatoes, etc...  

We carry the BEST grain-free diets on the market in both dry kibble, raw frozen, and even an easy dehydrated raw formula.

Questions? Call us or or come on into the store.  We can point you in the right direction and we usually have samples of each of our dog diets we carry.  Click on the logos above for a direct link to their websites!
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Freeze-Dried Foods

All the benefits of raw but less hassle.  Also great for raw feeders who are traveling.
Raw Frozen Foods

Our true passion is about the benefits of feeding a fresh raw diet

Dehydrated Foods

Gently dehydrated fresh whole foods so the nutritional integrity is maintained.
Canned Foods

Healthy & moisture rich foods great as a topper or whole complete diet.
Dry Foods

Grain-free high quality foods from reputable companies