Your dog will no longer need to stay at the groomer all day so that they can be "fit in" with 10 other dogs. Your appointment can be expected to last from 2-4 hours and then your doggie can go home after their day at the spa. We believe in quality and safety of service, not quantity. We treat your dog like family!

Our groomers meet with each client before each groom to go over their specific pet style requests...no more explaining what you want through a middle man.

We use spacious single kennels here at Doggie Days so your doggie has room to move, a comfy blanket, and you can even bring in favorite toys and treats if you want.  Because of how our services are set up - there will be an additional fee if your dog is left for more than 2 hours after they are finished with our groomer.

Princess Tessie's Make-Over!

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Doggie Days 
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Our De-matting policy is as follows: 
*Extensive matting of your dog's hair is a painful situation. 
*Many times there are sores or infections under the mats. 
 *The simple act of trying to comb or cut these out can cause the skin to tear.
 *Your dog feels pain just as you do and we cannot in conscious cause them unnecessary suffering.  In younger puppies, this de-matting process is what is usually responsible for a dog's life-long fear of the groomer!  In older dogs, it can cause them to go into shock.
-If your doggie has more than 2-3 inches of matting, we will need to do a stylish shave-down. We will not perform extensive de-matting at our facility due to the reasons stated above. After an extensive cut/shave - your dog may have nicks, cuts, or shaving rash.  We will apply an antibiotic ointment should this arise.
-You will be financially responsible for any follow-up  veterinary care needed.
Everybody gets a blueberry facial!
Rusty sporting a new Tough Guy Mohawk!